Taqaddam Reaches the Year Two Finish Line

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24th August 2017

Taqaddam Reaches the Year Two Finish Line

The Goodall Foundation (tGF) is proud to act as the delivery partner for the British Council HSBC to deliver Taqaddam, a project that inspires young people from seven countries across the MENA region to develop their skills for learning skills for life. Taqaddam is an innovative, student-facing programme that supports young people to realise their potential enhance their ability to contribute positively to society. For the past two years the Goodall Foundation have deployed their expert strengths skills team, known as Spark+Mettle, to deliver the programme in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar the UAE.

“I think it was awesome to talk about these kind of things because they don’t talk about that in school. Most students just try to figure it out by themselves. Teens need this kind of programme.” Taqaddam Student

The Year Two Evaluation Report is now complete ready for the world! In the report tGF note the highlights of the programme this year, as well as lessons from which we can learn when developing Taqaddam going forward. You can download the report here.

To whet the appetite, here is a taster of some of the years’ successes…

  • The Ta’atheer Best Corporarte Social Responsibility (CSR) Social Impact Award for 2017 was awarded to Taqaddam
  • Positive results against intended student outcomes have been reported, with increases in growth mindset soft skill measures in students across the seven countries
  • A significant boost in our network of supporters advocates thanks to our Student Ambassador Teacher Champion efforts. These people are meaningfully effectively leveraging the programme’s reach impact
  • The introduction of UK trainer-lead teacher training Taqaddam lesson support informed, energised galvanised teachers in the region
  • The online platform developments, including reporting features, responsive activity feeds strength badges, lead to greater volume quality of online engagement for students, teachers stakeholders
  • A new-look student hbook, supporting solidify student teacher understing commitment to the programme

“The soft skills were a useful learning for me as an individual. The character strength – Mettle, something that pushed me to work on myself.” Taqaddam Teacher

The Goodall Foundation are excited to build on the successes of this year, to learn from the challenges, in order to develop a stronger, rigorous scalable model that develops the capacity skills not just of thouss of students, but also of hundreds of teachers in the region over the next phase of the programme.

“I loved that you let us get to know new people make new friends with amazing people. Thank you for building our strengths skill in life.” Taqaddam Student

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