CEO Reflections: August 2017

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31st August 2017

CEO Reflections : August 2017

by Eugenie Teasley | August 31st 2017

It’s the end of the second month that we’ve been housed aboard The Barge at Brighton Marina. During that time we have supported six organisations deliver projects inside the Barge, working with almost 350 children, young people professionals during 115 hours of full-on, immersive, creative activity.

One morning I snuck away to a (relatively) quiet corner to be interviewed for a Happy Start Up podcast. It was only at that moment, as I spoke to the interviewer, Katrina Tan, that I fully appreciated what a privilege it is to be involved in a resourced organisation that now has the opportunity to be quite literally working alongside some of the projects we support. Most foundations are housed in gr buildings, with beautiful works of art in their foyers sharp meeting rooms full of their recent reports fresh cut flowers. Inspirational, yes, but often far removed from the world they are striving to improve. The Barge isn’t exactly normal, everyday life, our office door is shut rather than open in the thick of things. But still, I can’t think of a more exciting way to get a live read of what is working for projects— what isn’t, to get immediate feedback insights from staff participants alike, to underst better what organisations need, to enable them to see what they have that they don’t realise is as precious as it is.

Our portfolio stretches far wide, we can’t do this with every project, sadly, but I am immensely grateful that my thoughts conversations are now often peppered by the sounds of children talking animatedly, occasionally interrupted by weird electro musical noises produced from weird electric ink, enthralling the young people who are making it happen.


Photo: Some of the feedback collected from young people during O N C A’s pop up week of  free art workshops on the Barge.

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