CEO Reflections: September 2017


29th September 2017

CEO Reflections : September 2017

by Eugenie Teasley | September 29th 2017

When we see that what we provide—asides from financial support—is making a difference: these are the moments I’ve cherished this month.

Some examples.

  • Finding a local estate agent, Paul Bott & Company, to work with Moulescoomb Primary School, producing a prospectus that could attract more families to put it as their first choice, thereby increasing future budgets for the school more generally.
  • Hearing from Little Green Pig that they’ve found funding from a local business the school to support the next iteration of their “Tooth & Claw Store”.
  • Our Tanzanian consultant, Peter Manjalla, visiting a number of primary schools not just to assess their needs in terms of capital infrastructure, but also engaging with the leadership teams to surface their opportunities challenges—the start, I hope, of long-term coaching mentoring relationships.

I also continue to love being on the Barge. It’s quieter now that the summer programme is over. But to come in one morning find that the council’s fostering team are using it for their meeting, to be inundated with requests from other organisations wishing to use the space—it makes me feel close to what’s going on, on the ground, connect with others in unusual ways. We held a sustainability workshop for the Marina on board, drawing minds together to think about the Marina as a whole. And we later that same day we had a belated launch, during which we were able to show to people from across the city the region, how it has already been used. We are her fortunate custodians, giving us something else to offer to others—something that again isn’t direct financial support, but can make a huge, bright difference.

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