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5th October 2017
Taqaddam trophies

ANNOUNCEMENT: Make it Virtual! Winners Revealed

The day is here and we’re so excited to announce the winners of the Make it Virtual! competition. We’d like to say thank you to all the students across the Middle East and North Africa  who submitted their great ideas and innovative solutions for the competition including;

  1. Plantium – Lebanon
  2. Flood Alarm – Oman
  3. Smart Stick for the Visually Impaired – Oman
  4. Optical Magic Screen – Oman
  5. Kuwait Sandstorm Alert Network – Kuwait
  6. No to Violence Against Women – Kuwait
  7. Sensory Hugs – UAE
  8. Reading Club – UAE
  9. Fighting Poverty: Baking Bread with Eggshells – Egypt
  10. Dare to Dream – Egypt
  11. Gaming Can Be Useful- Bahrain
  12. Think Twice- Bahrain

And the winners of the Make It Virtual competition are:

  • In 1st Place

Smart Stick for the Visually Impaired – Oman

Think Twice- Bahrain

  • In 2nd Place

Flood Alarm – Oman

  • In 3rd Place

Sensory Hugs – UAE

All winners and participants should contact your  Taqaddam country teams for more information. Once again a very well done to all who participated, and pushing your ideas from great to AWESOME! So here’s to building even more connections across the MENA region, continuing to develop your strength and skills and increasing youth innovation!

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