A Meeting between Leaders and Shakespeare’s Henry V

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11th October 2017

A Meeting between Leaders and Shakespeare’s Henry V

We’re thrilled to be supporting an animated, awesome day’s leadership workshop based on Shakespeare’s Henry V

This November, we have commissioned Olivier Mythodrama to deliver a leadership development programme to and for leaders across the business, public and voluntary sectors in Brighton & Hove. The workshop will be led by Nathan Roberts, who will touch on his experience working in personal development and leadership as CEO of a Band of Brothers.

“Brighton & Hove is a city full of people who are doing extraordinary things,” says Nathan Roberts, “but who rarely have the chance to step away from their daily work and reflect on broader themes and concepts to help them strengthen their leadership. I am delighted to be able to offer this workshop as a chance for personal and professional development for people across the city.”

The free event promises a day exploring the qualities of leadership taken from Shakespeare’s Henry V; covering wise decision-making, behaving with conviction and integrity and being an inspiration to others. tGF are inviting 45 leaders from across Brighton & Hove to share their big visions and/or plans for themselves, their organisations and the City. Both a Band of Brothers and tGF are committed to people working better together and are especially keen on creating opportunities for people to spend time with each other in inspirational and unusual environments.

“I am hell-bent on finding ways for diverse people to collaborate together and bring about effective, joined-up change across the city,” says Eugenie Teasley, “any playful, creative way of enhancing leadership is something I jump at the chance of getting involved in, and then finding ways of making such opportunities available to others.”

The free workshop will run on Wednesday 8th November from 9.30am to 4.30pm at The Platform, Wagner Hall with lunch provided by The Big Fig at only £10pp.

To apply for a place, please register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leadership-lessons-from-henry-v-tickets-38534475654

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