About us

About Us

About Us

The Goodall Foundation (formally known as The Robin and Sylvia Goodall Charitable Foundation) is a UK educational charity with an international reach. It was founded in September 2016 by entrepreneur Andrew Goodall in honour of his parents.

2018 Update: Please note, we have now assigned all of our funding for this calendar year. We do not take unsolicited applications. 

Our Story

Otillia_no background

Meet Otilia and her baby son. In October 2006, a 70 year-old English woman called Syliva Goodall, was travelling around a remote part of northern Tanzania. At a hotel, she bumped into a young Tanzania woman called Otilia and her baby son. They were both en route to different places, doing different things, leading very different lives. But their worlds connected at that moment, and they have been connected ever since.

Sylvia Goodall took a quick photograph of Otilia with her son. On returning to England, she sent a copy of the photograph to Otilia, and from there they struck up a friendship. Sylvia later returned to Tanzania with her son, Andrew. When they arrived in Otilia’s village, they discovered a barren school and a community with limited resources. Otilia and her family and her community never expected any help from these wazungo, but both Sylvia and Andrew, and their family, felt honoured to enable them to improve education resources for the children of the village and their teachers, and many other things besides.

Since then, our founder Andrew has supported several charities working to advance education and to connect people in the UK with people in this region of Tanzania. Andrew founded The Robin & Sylvia Goodall Foundation in 2016, in honour of his parents, in order to further the range—in terms of both geography and impact—of his philanthropic work.

Our Focus

We bill ourselves as a “test and learn” organisation. As a charity what we care about is human flourishing and we want to learn what conditions are needed to maximise this.

We have four charitable objects:

  1. To advance education for anyone up to the age of 25;
  2. To support young people to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities and to enable them find employment;
  3. To relieve poverty and financial hardship; and
  4. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and charitable projects.

Our Criteria

We do not take unsolicited applications. Instead we proactively seek out partners who can develop projects that fulfill most or all of the following: 

a. enable individuals to become independent in order to flourish and fulfil their potential; 

b. are sustainable, either because they can be scalable or replicable, or because they are rooted in the communities they serve; 

c. are participatory— co-designed by the people the projects intend to support; 

d. are innovative; 

e. adopt a business/entrepreneurial mindset or are open to learning.

Our Model


We adopt a rounded view of who individuals are, how they live and what they need. We have developed a holistic impact model that allows us to have a multifaceted yet focused structure to our work.

There are three interconnected areas: Education (formal learning at school and elsewhere), Strengths & Skills (personal development and life skills), and Enterprise & Innovation (new, sustainable models of charitable activity). We particularly look to support projects whose approach intersects across two or three of these areas.