Portfolio Highlights

We on average support 15 projects per year across 10 countries around the world.

Current Portfolio Highlights

Current Portfolio Highlights

1. Little Green Pig, Brighton, UK

Brighton has high levels of deprivation overall, with three of its wards among the 10% most deprived in England. The standard of literacy in primary schools is also below the national average in Brighton. Children who live or go to school in the most deprived areas of the city are  failing to reach expected levels of literacy and are experiencing social exclusion because of their lack of reading and writing attainment.  Little Green Pig (LGP) , a creative writing charity, work with children and young people on inspiring writing programmes that bring together professional writers, artists and volunteers to improve not only the standard of literacy but also the motivation to learn.  Through these activities, LGP also expect to see a positive influence on their self-esteem, communication skills and future prospects. The impact will spread across to all stakeholders involved including teachers and parents and consequently their wider communities. 

Read more about Little Green Pig and their ‘Tooth and Claw Store’ at City Academy Whitehawk here.

2. Bridge for Change, Tanzania

Like many places in the world, young people are not adequately prepared for life after school and often find it difficult adjusting to their work environments. Bridge for Change, an NGO led by a talented young Tanzanian called Ocheck Msuva, seek to empower young people to take ownership of their futures and the world around them by providing them with career information and guidance such as character building, financial and entrepreneurial skills which will enable them to become independent in order to flourish and fulfil their potential leaving them with better current and future prospects. We are supporting key managerial roles to enable the organization to fulfill its 2017 and 2018 objectives.

Find more about the Think Big Challenge here. A competition giving secondary students the opportunity to design innovative solutions to problems they face in everyday school life.

3. Taqaddam, MENA

Many young people in the Middle East and North Africa are leaving school without the skills required to navigate change and flourish in the 21st century working world and employers in the region are seeing a skills deficit in young candidates applying for jobs. Taqaddam, meaning ‘Move Forward’ in Arabic, is an innovative blended learning programme that engages young people and develops their life skills with an aim to leave them feeling equipped to enter the next stage of their lives with the self-awareness, confidence, agency and networks needed to flourish. The seven week programme, run in partnership with the British Council and HSBC, supported over 1200 students in its pilot year and recently completed its second year supporting over 1900 students.

Taqaddam is now in its third year and anticipates to support even more students and teachers. Read more on Taqaddam Student Ambassadors who, in March 2018, joined the British Council’s conference on Innovation in Education here.