Programme Streams

Programme Streams

Programme Streams

We adopt a rounded view of who individuals are, how they live and what they need. We have developed a holistic impact model that allows us to have a multifaceted yet focused structure to our work.

There are three interconnected areas: Education (formal learning at school and elsewhere), Strengths & Skills (personal development and life skills), and Enterprise & Innovation (new, sustainable models of charitable activity). We particularly look to support projects whose impact goes across two or three of these areas.


1. Education

The projects within this programme stream focus on formal education (school, vocational training and universities) in the UK and overseas, including Tanzania and India.

Click here to find out more about our Headteacher Mentoring Project in Tanzania

2. Strengths & Skills

These projects focus on character strengths (such as resilience) and soft skills (such as communicating effectively) in the UK and overseas including the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, Oman, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait.

Read more here about how our strengths and skills team has had a positive impact on a North London college

3. Enterprise & Innovation

This programme stream comprises a range of projects—from experimental ideas (such as this year’s testing of virtual reality software as an educational tool), to funding enterprising projects (such as a Barista training programme for young people who are homeless or else not in education, employment or training in Brighton), to conducting research on pressing current questions (such as how unaccompanied asylum seeking children can be effectively supported in the UK).

Find out more about the impact Pro Baristas has had on its participants here