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Taqaddam, meaning ‘Move Forward’ in Arabic, is an innovative blended learning programme that develops enduring life skills in 15-16 year olds across several countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The programme aims to increase the chances and outlook for participants, by helping them to reach their full potential through developing the personal and social skills they need to make a positive contribution to their communities and wider society.

Taqaddam in Action

Taqaddam Animation

Maths in Outer Space VR

In 2016 we experimented with developing virtual reality content to see how it might be useful in educational contexts. These videos were built to be shown through Samsung Gear VR, but are also available on Youtube, in both English and Kiswahili.


After working on the ground over the last few years in Wasso, our aim now is to connect with other charities working to similar aims in Tanzania, to determine what package of initiatives is needed to transform primary schools there, and how we as tGF can help convene partners to work together to achieve this.

Videos we love

Videos we love

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Insightful articles

Insightful articles

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Useful reports

Useful reports