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What We Do
The Goodall Foundation

What We Do

We on average support 15 projects per year across 10 countries around the world.

Our Mission

We support individuals on their journey to becoming independent in order to live a flourishing and fulfilled life. We proactively seek out partner organisations and provide the resources and expertise needed to deliver impactful, character-building projects. We work collaboratively with others to enable children, young people and their communities to stand on their own two feet with confidence and to find success, purpose and happiness in learning, work and life.

Our Approach

We are a learning funder. We care about the impact that we make, we care about finding solutions to challenges, and we care about learning. We strive to be honest about our outcomes and impact and learnings, and we also strive to correct and improve what we do and how we do it.

Impact Reports

2018 Impact Report


We are delighted to produce our third annual impact report. 2018 has been another busy year with many different projects which we hope you enjoy reading about in the following report.

2017 Impact Report


This is only our second impact report but what an extraordinary journey it has been over the last two years. 2017 has been the year during which we have refined our model: improving the administrative functions procedures of a charitable organisation while also setting the strategy for the short, medium long term.

2016 Impact Report


We are thrilled to publish our first annual Impact Report. Putting it together was a project in itself, and gave us the first focused opportunity to reflect on what sort of impact we aim to have. As an organisation we are being openly experimental with our portfolio of projects during our first two years.


Past Projects

Little Green Pig
Brighton UK
Bridge For Change
The Barge
Brighton Marina
North Africa & Middle East
African Management Initiative
Bushy Leaze


We have developed a holistic model that comprises the three interconnected areas of our work

Our Amazing Team

Andrew Goodall

Founder & Chairman

Sylvia Goodall MBE

Founding Member and Patron

Mark Jarman


Peter Manjalla

Education Consultant

Although we are a new charity, our team has decades of experience in non-profits, education, business and entrepreneurship. We are fortunate to share offices with our founder’s business, Brunswick Developments, and benefit from their business acumen.